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Why Me Lord To Give Salvation Plan

When God has a mission to due,

we often say send me I'll go,

but my heart really say no.

I don't want to go!

Get caught up with dope pushers, drunks, heron attacks,

whoremongers, murders, robbers and all sort of sinner man.

God loves them as much as he loves Van.

He wants to give them a second chance;

his redemption and salvation plan;

keeping them from becoming a sinful man.

God has no respect of person,

for we have all fall short of his glory.

They, the sinner's have a story,

a testimony.

How God saved them and brought them out of the sins of the world,

with a doubt!

What a mess, but God gave his best!!

His LIFE, to give you with him eternal life.

If you repent, It doesn't cost one red cent,

but if cost God his life paying the price, redemption,

to give you eternal life.

Just say God I repent making you my Master, Lord and Savior reforming

from sin and strife to be with you and have eternal life!

There is no condemnation after after repentance,

No body can say I remember when you sin,

in Jesus Christ you win.

No repentance, the wage of sin is eternal death, your

defeated. In hell your look up your eyes.

That's no reward or prize, that is defeat

no one want that seat.

I rather got caught up in my curls and frills,

instead of doing God's Will! Some times

you are brought low, to be your brothers' keeper,

but In Jesus he will raise you again higher than before,

for he is a God of increase not decrease.

If your brother does not listen he say distance your self

because they will try to convert you to be a sinner man

and leave your God.

You treat them as a heathen or publican!!!

This is God's perfect plan to give you a second chance,

when you fall short of his glory!


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