Unconditional Love

God gives unconditional love. He love you and gave his life, to make sure you have a second chance to have an abundant life. He gave his life a price no one could ever pay for your redemption. Paying for you to have an abundant eternal life instead of death by giving his life. Not charging you a penny.

Most people require you to pay them back, if they do you a favor, they normally say you owe me one. Their love cost; such as, a girl friend and boy friend dating. It cost. If love is given normally their is a requirement, a condition. A husband is required to take care of his wife, if they want pleasures of a marriage and a family. A baby is made from love and to deliver, birth it normally cost forty thousand dollars. Love cost; but, Jesus, God doesn't ask a penny for his eternal unconditional love. A priceless love that cost him his life and he ask no monetary.

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