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True Love

This is my interpretation of the story: True Love in the Book Social Security Behind The Scenes.

God has someone to love you no matter what, who or were you are. He made you and no one like you, choosing to love you just the way you are. No change necessary for his love! This is your first love; that put a

HOPE,dream in you to fulfill and make you happy in life.

The little boy in the story was not desirable in sight of man. A paraplegic. God had so much love for him and installed so much love in his adopted mother's heart that he had favor with God and man wanting to help and love him. That's scripture. The little boy's hope, dream was to not be in pain and live a decent life.

What is your HOPE? The bible says all prayers are yes and so be it (Amen) according to God will. He is waiting to give you your heart's desire. Before one of his words fails, heaven and earth pass away. SCRIPTURE. Therefore pray and keep your dream, hope alive. It shall soon come to pass by the man Jesus Christ who gave his life to give you an abundant life. What salvation is all about.

God wants to bless your comings and goings, in the city and country, fruit of your womb, labor of hand, make you the head not tail, above not beneath, the lender not borrower. Bless you, pressed down, shaken and running over because he loves you! GOD IS LOVE!!!!! TRUE LOVE!

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