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No Diversity In Social Security, Its to show God's love For All Mankind

There is so much diversity in the land now. We all are equal. Jesus says the master is no greater than the servant’s. God has no respect of a person. This means he doesn’t care if you're white, black, Asian whatever; he died because he loves you. In roman it said there is no condemnation for those that seek after Jesus. This means as long as you love God, he doesn’t care if you're white, black, jew or gentile. Whether you wear your hair braided, straight, long, short, bald or whether you wear your dresses long or short there is no condemnation. We all want to love God, be respected and have liberty to pursue God's plan, hope and dream for our life.

The Preamble in the constitution of the United States, promises its citizen life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness . We all want to live a fairly decent life, a good life; not violating others or having others to violate us because we are different whether it's race, gender creed, culture or religion.

The book Social Security Behind the Scenes explains how the Social Security Administration is to show God's love for people of all walks of life. It doesn’t matter whether the person is aged, disable or blind all people are treated with respect and dignity from an ambassador to a drunk. Not only treat people fairly, within the lines of the law; but, allow its employee to assist people with life threatening needs. Like the story where the man was losing his life over $40. They allowed me to override the system and issue a critical payment. The same with the lady losing her house in George Town because the bank went out of business. There is no diversity in Social Security Administration for the beneficiaries. When you become entitled whether aged or disable you will receive love and respect.

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