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God Never Fail You

Blog: Could Help All Mankind But Could Not Help My


The story where my father worked from age 7 to 70, hoping to rest when he turns old age and have to work no more, in the book Social Security Behind the Scenes is revealed. My father wanted to work no more and to be taken care of.

Somehow the system, the government failed him. The law for him was to work until age 70 because he was self-employed. He could never get anything free. A free meal, education or asset. His whole

Life from age 7 was hard work. You don’t work, you don’t eat.

When normal people go to the government for their life savings, social security benefits, he is denied. The government failed him. No rest! Aged, stricken with cancer, he had to work until age 70, unless he deplete the business. He died!

God never failed you. He says come to me I’ll give you rest, a mansion not made by hand; an abundant eternal life. The government and people failed you. If someone does you a favor, they often say you owe me one. A charity gift, love cost but you were asking for what was yours. Jesus' love is unconditional. You don’t have to pay him back. He died that you may rest and have an abundant eternal life, just to love you. He bared the cross no charge, not even a penny!

Dad I could not change the law of the land before you died. My heart was broken because you didn’t get your dream hope! So I wrote this book in honor of you.

God didn’t fail you, I, the law of the land,

People, man did but, GOD NEVER FAILS!!


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