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From A Mothers' Heart

From A Mothers Heart

The story the Little Girl Who Suffered Incest, in the Book Social Security Behind The Scenes; from a mothers heart. Where the mother could not protect her five year old baby to the point her hair fell out because of nerves. The child sexually molested, ridiculed, beaten, and hurt by her own father. How sick is that? The child had no hope; because she was traced by her social security number by the father. From a mother’s heart; the pain and suffering the mother felt, not knowing when the next attack.

I was able to give them hope by assigning a new social security number to the little girl. No more running fear of being molested, beaten or hurt. Hope for a non tormented future. They came to the Social Security Administration seeking help and got a new beginning.

The story The Apartheid; from a mother’s heart; where a mother’s children are beaten because of their race. They are beaten because they are black children. No hope for the future, loss of their self esteem and ego. Their father was killed in South Africa because he was black and the nation was so far behind it took five years to get a death certificate. No freedom, no liberty because of your race. The mother brought her children back to the United States because she was a citizen of the United States where there is hope for a future for the black race. Dealing with the South African Embassy and International Operation I was able to get her benefits to her in 30 days or less, giving her a retroactive check for $64,000. Now her children reside in a new home and country where Freedom and liberty rings. God bless America.

From a mother’s heart where the lady child cashed her social security check. Just think about bringing a child into the world and when you are older the child will disrespect you, beat you and steal your social security benefits . How broken heart the mother feels for a wayward child. She is willing to risk the reputation of fraud the government for duplicate checks cashed. She didn’t want her daughter to go to jail; therefore, I arranged where she would pay the money back in installment payments.

Each one of these stories touch your heart and let you experience how mothers’ in all race nationalities and age love their children when old and young, straight or wayward they are from their body and heart made of love. They let me experience their love and through the agency give them hope for their children's future, life. From a mother’s heart!!!

From A Mothers Heart

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