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Updated: Jun 16, 2023

You haven't heard from me; lately, I am a cancer survivor. I remember waking up from the surgery, asking God, will it always be like this? I was racked with pain and coughing from the anesthesia. Unable to lift anything over five pounds and two weeks pass ten pounds. It was during the time of Covid, and loved ones could not be with you. Feeling alone, deserted, a battle I had to suffer with alone. Dealing with pain, being unable to do things for yourself, and going to the bathroom is a small task but a major for your recovery.

I remember questioning myself, Lord, what did I do to deserve this? Did I sin, fall short of your glory? What's the cause of cancer? The young, as well as the old, get it, but so many don't survive. I can only say that you never left my side or forsaken me; you healed me. Over time, I got better every day, and with faith and scripture of healing promises, I survived. God, you are not a God of decreased; you increased my health, mentally and physically. You made me whole physically, mentally, and financially. You are Jirah and Rophe, my provider and healer, and so much more. I was ashamed that someone had to bathe me like a baby and help me to walk. You took that pain and shame on the cross. I've always been proud but bought so low, and you raised me again. I give you all the glory, honor, and praise for your miraculous healing. It was hurtful, but at the same time, I thank Jesus because it could have been the other way.

Take nothing for granted. Nothing is promised to you but God's promises. He fulfills saying that before one of my words fails, heaven and earth shall pass away. No weapon formed against you shall prosper, even cancer. Thank you, Jesus, for healing, delivering, and saving me.

You may be suffering from a disease; it may not be cancer, but whatever, Jesus is your answer for abundant health and eternal life. Say, Jesus, forgive me for my sins, live in my heart, and guide me. I receive you as my Lord (Master Ruler) and Savior; you died on the cross, saving me from the pit. My holy redeemer. This means the person who paid for your sins by giving his life for you to be set free to have eternal, abundant life. I AM SAVED.

The whole heaven is rejoicing for your salvation!

Welcome to God's family!!!

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