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Blog Pastor Whose Taxes Filed Wrong

Blog:Preacher whose Taxes Filed Wrong

It must be heartbreaking to work all your life and when it’s time to rest; someone, say you have no benefits. A mistake your accountant made that affects the remaining years of your elderly life.

I can hear the Pastor in the story The Preacher whose Taxes Filed Wrong, in the Book Social Security Behind the Scenes blessing the accountant out for destroying his life. The pastor is looking for an answer to rectify the problem and there is none. A little technical error that destroyed my life .

Old, can’t work any more but are forced to work in order to survive. He took such repercussions with his accountant that the man was in rage and took his animosity out on me for telling the Pastor the truth. He was in such a rage yelling at me and his spat went all over me that I felt faint. I had to pray to stay conscious. It wasn’t my fault he made a mistake and could not fix it, making the pastor lose retirement benefits.

I tell all Pastors to make sure the accountant files form 941SE to their income taxes to save their retirement.

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