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Updated: Mar 25, 2021

From Book: Social Security Behinds The Scenes

You don’t know how blessed, fortunate you are until you visit someone's home in the ghetto who is less fortunate. I had to tell families, who resided in the ghetto, that they were overpaid $17,000 and I was to advise them that their checks were to be cut off and they had to live on the ghetto street of Washington, D.C.

These people were proud of their homes and the only thing good about it was a picture on the wall. I saw rats as big as cats run through there. There was raw sewage coming from the basement. You know there had to be cock roaches. I was scared to sit down, but I didn’t want to be stuck up and impolite. My heart went out for these people because they were humble, polite and proud and had nothing. Life dealt them a bad hand.

I spoke to one mother whose son was trying to work as a security guard. She said her son had no money. The money he earns he uses to get back and forth to work. She said he doesn't even have a gun. He got a stick! I wanted to laugh but was afraid. I advised them if they could get together all their bills, I would try to waive the overpayment to keep shelter over their heads.

I was able to write to headquarters advising the living condition and their income would not allow them to repay the overpayment. There I was able to prove these people could not afford anything and waived the overpayment keeping them from living on the ghetto streets of D.C.


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