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My name is Vanessa Bates

I started as a Cooperative Education business major at Duval Senior High School. I worked as a bookkeeper at Citizen Bank of Maryland during my senior high school year.


After I graduated from DuVal, I attended Prince George’s Community College; where, I received an Associated Arts Degree in Accounting. My degree was useful in Private Industry and Government jobs. In 1977, I took the government entrance examination scoring 105, when 70 points were only needed for a position. The Federal Government was calling me for positions for a Federal Government job. 

My first job with Federal Government was aiding FBI agents and Administration Law Judges with Dishonorable Soldiers Court Cases. Later became an Advocate for Social Security, SSI, and Medicare beneficiaries with the Social Security Administration. Currently, I'm a certified minority business owner for one of the largest certified minority-owned trash businesses in the United States of America.

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